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I finally got the Sims 2 on Mac!!!

I decided not to get the downloads, because they look too much like the actors. I want the book characters, that I made myself. Harry and Ron are living happily together, with their adopted son, Jeremy, making out every chance they get. They even had their first-time Whoo Hoo (I'm sure you know what that means). They're in a joned union together, and even mom admits they're awfully cute.

In another home, Ginny and Luna are going steady, while Hermione has the hots for a kid across the way. Mrs. Weasley is so proud of her daughter for finding love, but Luna's a bit strange still for her taste.

Draco and Pansy had their first kiss, flirt like crazy, and I hope they go steady soon.

I haven't got Seamus and Dean together yet, but I'm working on it. Parvati and Lavender are together, being very cute and flirty.

I even made a sim of me, in an orange sweater that clashes with my red hair, and I'm flirting with Violet. She takes it as well as she does in real life, I suppose, just ignoring me and playing back.

In short, I've had a lot of fun.


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