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I have voices in my head. Easy to believe of me, and the conversations are quite fun and amusing at times. I didn't really know who the voices were until a few months ago. Then I realized with a start that my voices were those of my boys, my OTP.

I have Harry and Ron in my mind.

The conversation they had yesterday was... disturbing.

About sex. About the wand being a phallic symbol. Harry asked if wands made Ron want to have sex. And Ron replied with, "I'm seventeen. Book catalogs make me want to have sex."

And it rocketed from there, while I twitched at the thought of the actual characters having this bizarro conversation. They eventually started groping each other after a while, which was nice. Very in-character the whole time. *le sigh*

I love them so much.
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It's Saturday out in the world, even if it is still Friday in my head. Saturdays mean laying around, drinking soda, and maybe... not going to see Pirates 2.

Because my dad is evil.
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*plays taps*

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Tomorrow I'm leaving for my dad's house, where I'll update every three days and be bored out of my skull at the B&G's Club.

Violet came over about 8 am yesterday. We talked and played, and had fun. She spent the night, whacking me in the face many times in the process. I hardly slept at all, and now I'm so wired that I'm vibrating.

And I dyed my hair purple.
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Hello everybody!!!!

I am in an exceptionally good mood today.

I have written another stargate story. I have also written another HP story. I seem to write fanfic every time I set pen to paper, so I've written about four or five this week. I know that I usually do just post my Harry Potter stuff, but I figured maybe if I'm feeling brave enough later that I could post my sg-1. It's not first-class stuff, so.

In other news, my ex-girlfriend is spreading rumors about my sexuality. I actually had a girl come up to me and say, "Is your name *censored*?"


"*censored* told me you were lezbo."

Luckily, my other friend popped in at that moment and said my ex was lying. Thank the gods.

Here at Hogwarts, I am planning out my Hogsmeade weekend. There's lots to do, but of course, my friend Nora wants to visit Honeyduke's first. I kind of agree with her, I do love sweets. Except for things like the blood-flavored lollipops or cockroach clusters. Blech.
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Violet has left the house. She got to spend the night last night. We had fun and talked and played Harry Potter, all the while my mind wandering someplace else. *g*

Anyways, I am now so entirely bored with myself and with the world. I'm going to quote Violet and say "screw your dirty-minded society and all who inhabit it." Hee hee. It makes no sense in this text, but then again, neither does "flying purple penises". Oh well.

I cannot stand being this bored. I have nothing to do, at all, and my brain's practically leaking out my ears. I want to read fanfic, but I've read all the new stuff already. I guess there's always the option of writing Seamus-related fic, always fun. Maybe his view on the whole Harry/Ron "get a room" thing. Seriously. Or catching them in the act.

I'm so bored, it's not even funny. I guess I'll just go write. Ugh.


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