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I may be scary, but my bite is worse than my bark. Wait...

I wanted to wish a happy birthday to our dear Mr. Weasley. It is Ron's birthday today, so go home and celebrate my favorite book character. according to his actual birthdate, he is 26 now. No, not the actor, the character. Not that Rupert Grint person.

Some can never know the true beauty of tragedy, or the joy of fandom.

I am new on lj, sort of. I do write fic, and I do read fic, so send in that Harry/Ron as fast as you can. I comment on pretty much anything, even if I don't want to, because my mouth is bigger than South America.

I suppose life is never as private as we'd like it to be, which is why I am posting my thoughts for the world to see. I'm a bit tired, and still need to work on my math homework (oops!). But I'm willing to take the chance because I'm feeling a little bit happy today for Ron.

Posing for the camera never helped ease the pain of being alone, but all I can do is say "cheese" and hide my attitude with a fake smile. Tomorrow is the day that I plan on telling my crush I like her and asking her to a movie this weekend. It shall be difficult, but risk is my middle name.

After all, what's life without a bit of suffering?

Good luck to all the Potterphiles out there struggling to be accepted, as I know how you feel. Being a fanatic, a lunatic, and a homosexual, I say that it's never easy and never will be.


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