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Well, happy Easter Sunday to everybody!

I am finally home from vacation, and it's incredible how much relaxing for four days can really wear you out. I've missed home: the smells and sights and valleys. I like the city, mind you, but nice flat, green lawns allways triumphs my attention over loud car noises and blinking lights.

I would like to say that my mother and younger siblings feel the same as I do, but that may not be completely true. They're tired and crabby from the long four-hour car trip, so they mostly just want to sit back and watch Stargate Atlantis for a while to unwind. My stomach being full of pear and chocolate, and with my family occupying the living room, I get time on the computer.

I am not as bored as I was the last time I posted which was, what, yesterday? Therefore I am feeling much more creative and witty and interesting than last time. Yet I still can't seem to write a proper fic. I can write words like crazy, even good words that make sense, words that catch people's attention. What I have trouble with is finding a story to write down.

In short, if anybody has any suggestions for a story they want to read but not write, just send your ideas here. I will write for the first ten people who request a story. In the Harry Potter fandom: I write Harry/Ron, Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Ginny, Parvati/Lavender, and may even consider writing Luna/Ginny. In the SG-1 fandom, I will happily write Jack/Daniel and Sam/Janet. I will also consider writing Miracles; Alva/Paul. I would also write Sports Night fic, Dan/Casey, if requested.

I refuse to write Harry/Snape. I just can't. It's nothing against the Harry/Snape people, I just don't find it attractive. Harry/Ron, on the other hand, I find smokin' hot.

So, send requests here for the given fandoms and pairings if you are interested. It will rid me of the shreds of boredom that yesterday has left behind, and it will, hopefully, satisfy your hunger for fic. I'm not sure how good I am, mind you, so if you do send ideas here, be warned.

I will make sure to dedicate the story to the person who suggested it, if you were wondering.

No Harry/Snape. Sorry.


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