Hi guys

Apr. 9th, 2006 02:02 pm
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Hi everyone.

I'm writing some new HP stories, and for the first time ever, a stargate sg-1 story. My mom must be very glad that she got me to stop thinking about Harry Potter for a bit.

I'll probably post the HP story in a few days, when I can get on Mom's computer. Dad won't really let me type on this one, so, you know. It's about, really, my anger about separating book Ron from movie Ron. Movie Ron is a wimp, coward, and follower, while book Ron is a scrapper, brave, and only wants to be his own person instead of the shadow of the great Harry Potter. In my story, he kind of beats the crap out of Malfoy. McGonnagal suspects Ron's feelings for his best mate. No struggle for acceptance or anything, so.

Life has been fairly good to me. It's nice and gray outside, I'll go hole up in my bedroom in a few minutes, and I've got a notebook and pen right next to me. Yes. Good life.


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