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Okay, so I have yet a new obsession.

Let's count off how many I've had, shall we?

1. Harry Potter. This is the whopper, the flame that just won't die. I like it because it's all about the impossible, about the miracles magic can bring, about a young an struggling with a heavy destiny and the power of control.

2. Inkheart. A little more recent than the underage wizards. This one is all about feeling out-of-place, about feeling distant and removed as if you're stuck in a world that obviously doesn't belong to you. I know that we've all had that feeling, and this book speaks to that side of me. Plus, Dustfinger's really pretty.

3. Stargate SG-1. Less recent than Inkheart, this fandom lasted a very short time. I was fascinated for that time because of the characters, because it was all about loss and remorse and regret and hard-core emotions.

4. Yami no Matsuei, or Descendants of Darkness. This is very recent, only around a year ago. This gives hope of a life after death, a life in which you can still feel and love and hurt even though you're physically dead. It's all about betrayal and murder and mostly it's about pain, both physical and emotional. It's about the reasons that we wear watches, that we keep secrets from one another.

And finally...

5. Transformers. This fandom is incredibly new to me, started only a few weeks after the movie came out in theaters. This story is all about change, as my mother put it, about being able to but on a mask and hide what you really are, about adapting to worlds that you don't come from.

Thank you, Mom.

So let me get a Hurrah from my flist, please, from all those who are fans of at least one of the above. Tell me the fandom you like from the choices given, why you like it, and then your favorite character. Let me know you're out there.

Fangirls need love too! <3
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So I haven't posted fic in freakin' forever, mainly because I'm a doof and my brain was drained and I've had basically NO good ideas since DH came out.


I'm going to go ahead and take requests. Anyone who wants a fic...

1. Specify the fandom and pairing
2. Rating
3. Plot? Or at least a prompt? Please?
4. Don't ask me to write incestual fic, or Harry/Ginny. And no furries. I'll write anything else, I swear.

So, ask away! Please, I'm bored as hell!



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