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Last night, I had the weirdest dream...

The Really Weird Dream )
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The windows in the factory were still fogged from the cold winter. It was late summer now, but Madison was sure that she could still draw faces on the glass with the pads of her fingertips.

The air was humid from the combination of the machines and the body heat. The workers, some of Madison's close friends, were definitely trying hard to make sure the pizzas were kept frozen until necessary. After all, this was there only shelter, their only food, and Madison thanked the gods that the pizza factory survived the blast.

Memories of her family's bodies, burying the roads. The blood, the its of vital organs scattered along the pavement. The explosion that followed the escape.

The end of the world was quiet, with everyone dead. It should have been easier, to have Earth to yourself, but it was merely lonely. Luckily, the factory survived, or there wouldn't have been any food for the already starving teenagers.

Kelly, the one with the dark hair and the huge green eyes, looked slightly worried as she approached Madison. Madison cleared her throat and asked, "What is it?"

"I'm sorry," Kelly babbled. "It was... the Imperius Curse, I swear... I didn't mean to..."

Madison began to shake. "What did you do?"


"Oh my God," Madison said as it dawned on her. "You ate all the pizza?!"

"I'm sorry!" Kelly squealed in that high-pitched voice.

Madison took charge, turning to the others. "Make some more!"

"There's no more dough!" shouted Carina from the freezer.

"Then make some more!"

The room seemed alive again. One bag of flour left, and the children began to stuff things in ovens and top the cheeses with meats and vegetables.

"Should I use anchovies?" screamed Daniel faintly.

"No anchovies!" Madison ordered. "No fish on the pizza!!!"

"Look out!" Haley exclaimed.

And the ceiling collapsed into the factory, burying the kids and the rest of the pizza.

Moral: Never order anchovies on a half-and-half pizza.


Jun. 28th, 2006 09:31 pm
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I would very much like to say that I do have normal dreams, that I am a normal person, but I don't believe it would be the truth.

Every night, I stay up too late and stare at the screen too long, eventually dragging myself to my bed at 1:00 am. I collapse onto my cold sheets, curl into a ball, and then wish myself to sleep.

I dream of mutant animals with human hands in cages, twisted and dark cages of iron, broken fingers reaching out to me, begging me to release them.

Their eyes are too big and their human knuckles too broken, and their noises deafen me, screeches and howls that I don't understand, however much I want to.

The cages have no doors, no locks, no escape for these twisted creature in their fun-house prisons.

I try to tell them, yell to them over their noise, "I can't get you out! Stop! Stop!!!"

But they continue to cry to me, scream at me in tongues.

When I wake, the screams are fresh in my ears.

I Dream

May. 20th, 2006 12:51 pm
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Dreams, like so many other ideas and things about humans, are very curious things.

Our brains allow us to drift into dreams so that our bodies don't get up on their own during the night. Sometimes we have pleasant dreams about flying, about swimming, about lazy afternoons in sunlit parks, about finally going to Hogwarts and meeting Ron Weasley himself in the flesh.

But sometimes, due to stress or anxiety or fear, we find ourselves in dreams of being trapped in ancient houses with creaking floorboards. We dream of witnessing a friend being murdured. We dream of being stalked by men who wish to peel our skins off and use them for coats from the heavy rain. We dream of catching fire and we are frced to watch our skin burn and blacken without feeling any pain, yet we hear all of the screams that come from nowhere. And we wake drenched in cold sweat, our hearbeats pounding in our ears, and we cry ourselves to sleep again.

I? I dream of octagon rooms with oddly-shaped cages that carry deformed animals. The animals paw at the bars that trap them with mutated human hands, and they plead to me with demented noises that echo around the corners of the room. They blink at me with yellow eyes from behind their cage doors, locked up in fun-house prisons. There is no door out of the room, no windows, and I am left in darkness. The animals cry to me, beg me to please release them, but there are no doors to the cages. They cry more, they start screaming, and I watch as they bleed into the harsh metal floors of their prisons.

And I wake, not daring to whisper a word to anybody, and I go about my business as if my dreams are completely normal.

I still dream of the mutant creatures and the metallic smell of their dark blood.


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