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I am very very bored indeed.

I am still at the friend's house, and there is still no leavened bread. I crave a bagel or toast or something, but I respect the religious reasons for there not being any, and I don't ask.

Today I stayed home and read porn while my mother and siblings went to the beach. They got their shoes completely soaked and coated in salt, while I stayed and enjoyed the company of the computer. I read many many stories. But now, I'm completely bored to tears and SciFi Friday is over.

So I sit in the silence and type words that nobody really wants to read.

If I were typing words that people wanted to read, I would be feeling creative and witty instead of bored. I would then attract more into reading this entry, which would probably be fic. I would have more people friend me and have more to friend, but sadly, I am not feeling creative and witty. I am feeling, alas, bored out of my mind.

If there were even the slightest amount of something-to-do-ish-ness in me, I would at this very moment be writing. But no. I am bored.

So if anybody has anything to occupy me, please send it over and I will probably send you something in return.

I would also like to say that I would very much like tyo see Ice Age 2, which I overheard we were going to go see today. But then my younger brother started having a fit, as usual, and ruined even the tiniest chance of going to the theater.

Thanks a lot, bro. I appreciate it.

Freaking brothers. Honestly.
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Violet has left the house. She got to spend the night last night. We had fun and talked and played Harry Potter, all the while my mind wandering someplace else. *g*

Anyways, I am now so entirely bored with myself and with the world. I'm going to quote Violet and say "screw your dirty-minded society and all who inhabit it." Hee hee. It makes no sense in this text, but then again, neither does "flying purple penises". Oh well.

I cannot stand being this bored. I have nothing to do, at all, and my brain's practically leaking out my ears. I want to read fanfic, but I've read all the new stuff already. I guess there's always the option of writing Seamus-related fic, always fun. Maybe his view on the whole Harry/Ron "get a room" thing. Seriously. Or catching them in the act.

I'm so bored, it's not even funny. I guess I'll just go write. Ugh.


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