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May. 10th, 2008 02:24 pm
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So I ended up playing the music meme that's been going around because apparently, I'm a sheep.

I have a few Harry/Ron things in there, two Sideswipe/Sunstreaker things, and a few ficlets for my original story. Everything is around PG or PG-13, depending on how picky you wanna get with ratings.

I have no idea how I got these ideas in my head from the given songs... my iTunes can get very strange sometimes. XD

Have fun!

1. “Everybody’s Gonna be Happy” by the Kinks

It was a ridiculous thought to believe that everyone would end up happy, like some sort of fairytale.

That Ron would marry Hermione, that Harry would marry Ginny, that the four of them would be one big happy family just because that’s the way it was supposed to be.

Because it just… didn’t make sense to Harry whatsoever.

Maybe the reason for his disbelief was because he was positive that once the end came, that once he faced down Voldemort in that last battle, Harry would die. It seemed perfectly plausible, that Harry would perish for the sake of the Wizarding World.


Now, at the age of twenty-five, he lay his head on Ron’s chest and thought that maybe there was such a thing as “happily ever after.”


2. “O the Holly She Bears a Berry” by the Chieftains

The whole Burrow was practically buzzing now that the family was over.

The mistletoe hung from the ceiling in bunches, and the holly berries were dark red in the dim Christmas lights.

Harry smiled as he watched Ron throw the Homework Planner back at Hermione playfully, and he reached over to open his own presents.

Not that he needed to.

He already had everything he could ever possibly want, right here in front of him.


3. “Ready, Steady, Go” by the Meices

The music blasted through the hall and Sunstreaker had to dial down his audio receptors almost completely just to concentrate. He couldn’t take the sheer noise that the beat produced, vibrating in his armor as his hand moved over the controller of the Autobot-sized video game.

Finally, throwing the controller to the ground without even bothering to hit the pause button, he stormed into the other room, to the source of the nuisance.

He couldn’t help but smile, despite his irritation. Sideswipe was… dancing, with Bluestreak by his side. Their faces had matching grins, their feet moving with one another’s as their music blared on maximum volume.

Sighing, Sunstreaker leaned against the wall, simply watching for now.

He hated that even when they weren’t really arguing, Sideswipe always managed to win.


4. “I Will Go, I Will Go” by Wild Mountain Thyme

The battlefield was littered with the bodies of so many people, now just empty shells laying face-down in the mud.

Harry stumbled over some that he recognized, but kept trudging on through the sludge in search of a blur of fire-red hair. His eyes raked the field frantically from behind his lenses, frustrated with himself for allowing his friends to agree to do this, and his shoe caught in a branch before he fell.

“Agh!” he groaned, coughing up the mud that had forced itself down his throat.

When he tripped back into battle, his friends falling to the ground all around him, his lungs ached from trying to breathe.

Finally, he saw it; heart racing, he tried to sprint to his friend, but as Ron turned to the sound of his name, that spindly body suddenly fell ever so gracefully to land among the others.

Harry’s scream was lost in the noise of spellfire, his knees hitting the ground as denial struck him.


5. “Panic Attack” by Finger Eleven

Warren took a shaking breath when he pressed his hands to the wound of the patient. It wasn’t anybody he knew, but it was just as hard every single time he pushed his magic through these strangers.

Every time he did, he didn’t see that unfamiliar facial shape or the strange feeling of their hair beneath his fingers. Every time he Healed, he only saw the lifeless body of his sister, Elaine’s eyes a dimmed brown as her shell was moved under his touch.

The feeling of Daniel’s arms wrapping around him, the sound of Mildred’s screams instead of Elaine’s bubbling laughter.

But Warren could save these people. With a handshake and an empty smile of false happiness, he could watch as these strangers left Parrish Hospital to have the life that his little sister never had.

And then afterwards, in the darkness of his own apartment, he could drink away the bitterness that his own memory gave.


6. “How Insensitive” by Sinead O’Connor

Why did this matter so much? The gentle quirk of that smile and how it made Elaine’s heart skip every time to look at it, the shining in those eyes and how Elaine could feel herself smile in return.

Everything about Mildred mattered. Even as Elaine watched her leave the room, the space became darker and colder in comparison to the feeling of Mildred’s warmth in her arms.

What she wouldn’t give to press her mouth to her friend’s, to taste the lip gloss that Mildred was so careful with. What she wouldn’t do to just say those words, to break the icy silence every time they fought over something so stupid.

Mildred’s happiness was Elaine’s happiness, or at least that’s what she told herself as she rested her head on her pillow every night.

Then why did it hurt so much to see Millie’s smile every time Daniel wrapped his arms around her?

Why did Elaine, every time, picture herself in Daniel’s place?

Why did it have to hurt so much to watch Mildred’s happiness?


7. “Temptation” by New Order

He realized that it wasn’t entirely right.

Ron knew the risks of leaning over the chessboard and taking Harry’s mouth with his own, knew the reason that his heart missed a beat and his face heated up with that stupid Weasley blush.

He knew, and yet the blind temptation that he felt every time Harry looked at him was too much to bear anymore.

It wasn’t fair of him to blame it on Harry, though. Because it certainly wasn’t Harry’s fault that he was so tempting, that his skinny body made Ron squirm. It wasn’t even that he found Harry attractive by physical standards…

It was that he was Harry, the boy that Ron was sharing his life with, the boy that Ron would do anything for.

Anything, even grip the headboard and let out a broken moan when Harry would allow him that much, even keep quiet for those few moments that Harry needed Ron to just listen.

That was enough for Ron, to see Harry smile and laugh, or to watch his face as he came, or to deepen a kiss shared in an empty corridor when nobody watched.

It didn’t make sense. It didn’t make any sense to him, and so many risks were attached to this strange attraction he had, and there were so many things wrong with their hidden relationship.

Ron realized this. He realized how wrong it was, how dangerous, realized how much it hurt to feel Harry’s hand slide out of his own when they had to part ways for the summer.

But that was okay.

Because even if it was wrong by all standards, even if the feeling of keeping it secret hurt, Harry was something that Ron could have all to himself.

Harry was Ron’s and only Ron’s, no matter how wrong this temptation was.

It was right to them.


8. “Turn the Beat Around” by Gloria Estefan

The club was flashing with reds, blues, and yellows, the rainbow of lights washing over couples in the corner. Warren made his way through the crowd with a look in his eyes that was too familiar to the regulars.

He was looking for another man, as usual. His mind swirled with memories of that afternoon, the one when that jock had moved inside of him against Warren’s consent and his friends had held his wrists down, the afternoon that Warren had lost all of his free will and any purity that he may have had.

After that moment, he’d been like this. Drugs, sex, rock and roll. After that day, Warren had tried to drown himself in the things that his mother said was wrong because what did it matter now?

Warren was wrong anyway, just by nature.

He made his way to the middle of the dance floor, hips moving suggestively for anyone that would want him. He didn’t like feeling like a whore, but as the sensation of hands on his waist and breath on his neck tingled his skin, he thought that what he wanted didn’t really matter anymore.

Because as long as he could be this way, he could forget about the normal life he could’ve led.


9. “No Cheap Thrill” by Suzanne Vega

Sunstreaker’s hands moved over his twin’s armor. It was so easy to get lost like this, to look into his brother’s blue, blue optics and forget about the noise of battle.

Sideswipe’s tiny moan made Sunstreaker smile. These moments were so rare, because they were always surrounded by mechs nowadays. They were always getting watched over, looked at, judged. In private, in the darkness of their recharge bunks, they were never judged.

It wasn’t cheap, this little rush of excitement that Sunstreaker got every time he felt Sideswipe’s fingers dipping beneath his blistered golden armor.

The price was his sanity and the cold fear that gripped him each moment they were separated in the battlefield.


10. “Stormy Weather” by Pixies

Their fingers knotted together as Warren let free a small gasp beneath Daniel’s weight shifting against his own.

His writhing didn’t help shake the feeling of discord each time they were together like this. This was their second time, and this meeting was more bitter than their last, because it was out of anger instead of pity.

Warren had almost no pleasure this time, the notes in his mind mashing together as harsh as their mouths, the feeling of his legs hitched over Daniel’s shoulders strange and foreign.

It didn’t match up right in his head. Not only was he stoned beyond belief, but he was angry and sad and he felt sickness in the bottom of his stomach as pain took over his senses.

Discord, instead of harmony.

Daniel was being too rough, but Warren didn’t say anything. He only whimpered pitifully, thinking that their friendship was like the weather.

Sometimes it was smooth, bright, easy to fall for.

But times like this, it was unpredictable, angry, dangerous, while Warren cried out as Daniel pressed him to the mattress.

Their harmony broken by the harsh pounding of piano keys.
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