Oh Lordy

Mar. 28th, 2008 02:34 pm
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Hello flist!

Sorry I haven't posted in... *counts*



Right. Well. This is a post to say that I'm still not dead. I posted a little yesterday (memes, a short story) but I haven't told you where I've been. I've been busy with school stuff -- learning about Greek mythology now -- and stressing out because apparently my stepmother's pregnant.

Yes, my wicked stepmother is pregnant.


My fanfiction muse is obviously broken... So I've been burying myself in my original stories. I've got the one about the wizard school (the prep, the dyke, the nerd, and the flaming gay boy) and I've got the one about the vampires and werewolves (cranky French werewolf falls in love with a spastic vampire boy) and now I've got the Warren/Warren story written with radioactive_x.

Oh boy.

Been playing Guitar Hero (2 and Rocks the 80s), reading (Picture of Dorian Gray, Stranger in a Strange Land), drawing (original characters), and writing.

Been... bored.

Out of my skull.

*dies inside*

*and a little outside*


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